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What is Gorean Slavery?

I am a slave and am owned by a Gorean Master.  My name is unimportant, but if you wish you may call me ‘kitty’, the name Mistress Jenn decided to use for this page.  That name works as well as any other.


Mistress Jenn is a former Mistress of mine, and she asked me to write of Gor and things Gorean.  She asked me if I would describe what it means to be “Gorean” and to live a “Gorean” lifestyle.


There are many websites and webpages devoted to Gor.  Some are very good and very complete.  I won’t attempt to summarize them here, but you can find them with a simple internet search.  What I will do is share with you my own personal thoughts and perspectives of how a slave lives a Gorean life.  Because there are as many perspectives as there are Goreans, you may not agree with what I say.  This is perfectly fine; I don’t believe that my perspective is the only one, or that it is absolutely correct.  It’s just mine.


Do I believe that Gor exists? 


Yes, I do.  Certainly not as John Norman has written about it (the Gor books were fantasy novels, after all), but as a planet somewhere out there with male dominance and female submission.  The universe is a very big place, and believing in another human-like planet is not that much of a stretch for me.  Could a writer ‘visit’ such a place in his mind’s eye and write about it?  Why not?  Stranger things have happened.


What does it mean to be ‘Gorean’? 


I suppose, for me it means to believe in the essence of Gorean philosophy, that of Male Mastery and female slavery.  That most men are designed and built to be dominant, just as most women are designed and built to be submissive.  Not all, of course; life is never that simple and absolute.  But most conform to the pattern.  Even in our own, liberated western society it works the same way.  Gor just makes the pattern obvious.


Even if a woman is submissive, however, that does not necessarily make her a slave.  Just as on Gor, where the number of free women outnumbered the slaves by a factor of ten, so here on Earth the number of non-slave women outnumber the slaves by at least the same factor.  From what my Master tells me, that number is more like one hundred to one.  So while being a submissive woman isn’t all that uncommon; being a natural slave is not nearly as common.


What am I? 


I am what my Master calls a ‘natural’ slave, which means that I was born to be the slave of a Master.  I guess you could call it my destiny.  Within me there is an emptiness that is filled only by service to, and by being pleasing to, a man.  I long for his touch and his approval.  There’s also something very powerful inside of me that reacts to the presence of a Master.  Not just any man, mind you, but someone who has that special ‘something’ that makes a man a true Master.  I can sense this ‘something’ from across a room and it attracts me like a light does a moth.  In turn, a Master can sense this reaction in me.  He can pick me out of a crowd.  Even before my training, there was something about my walk, my speech, my body movements, my essence, that marked me out as a slave.  I don’t know what it is, yet I know that it is there, and that it is sensed by Masters because they’ve told me so.


How does one live a ‘Gorean’ lifestyle? 


That depends on one’s Master and his house.  My Master runs a 24/7 Gorean household, which means slaves living and working in the home within the structure and order defined by him.  He does a complete physical and psychological evaluation on each new girl when she arrives.  He also makes sure that she has the basic training necessary for her to fit into the household – basic protocols, behaviors, etc.  He studies her and then assigns her to that work best suited to her abilities.  Some girls work outside the home, others work inside the home.  Everyone has chores to do.  The girls spend their time working and with the Master.  He may or may not use them sexually as and when he pleases.  If they please him he rewards them; if they displease him he disciplines them.  However there is seldom a need for severe discipline.  My Master is a good judge of flesh and has been in the lifestyle for over 30 years.  He knows how to select and train slaves to minimize discipline problems.


Not signed, but written by “kitty”





This discussion of Gor and Gorean slavery was written by kitty, who is Gorean slave.


kitty is a very close friend and has been my sister-slave for a number of years.  I first met her in 2003, when I was serving on a one-year contract as a slave in a BDSM household.  And later, we both served Mistress Jenn.


You can read about kitty in my slave journal.